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Dissertation Information for Placido F. Curvo

- Placido F. Curvo
- (Alias) Placido Flaviano Curvo

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1983)

- Thomas Gleason Morris

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Title: Analysis of the informal communication patterns among professionals in agricultural research and extension service activities

Abstract: This study concerns the informal communication patterns among professionals in a macrosystem of agricultural STI development and flow. The investigation includes researchers (generation subsystem) and state specialists, area agents, and county avents of the Cooperative Extension Service (dissemination subsystem) in one of the Land Grant Universities.

The purpose of the study is 1) to determine whether or
not the informal communication relations among the groups of professionals in the macrosystem occur as formally arranged
by the organization administration and 2) to Study the informal unofficial key elements (high communicators) in the person-to-person communication structure.

The data were gathered through personal interviews based on a pre-tested questionnaire and the data analysis based on sociometric techniques.

Confirming what is formally expected by the organization, the state specialists and area agents had higher scores for group connectedness and eommunicativeness than did the other
professional categories. They are the official link or liaison between the scientific and the practical worlds. They were called official high communicators. The strongest connected communication chain was that of county agent--area agent, area agent, area agent specialist, specialist--researcher. The main avenue for vertical informal information flow occurs as formally expected.

A samall group of unofficial high communicators among researchers and county agents was found. These high communicatorors were linked to each other, forming one class, and tended to accumulate above-group-average scores for leadership, liaisonness and cosmopoliteness.

The unofficial high communicators among the researchers and county agents tended to read, to attend meetings, to publish or produce STI documents, to present communications at meetings, to be nominated as friends, to enjoy a reputation for professional competence and to have communication links more than did their peers.

The high communicator researchers tended to make use of libraries, to be linked to researchers in a different research area, and to be sought by specialists for advice more than were their peers.

The high communicator county agents tended to engage in communication with colleagues in distant towns and to have frequent contact for advice with area agents and specialists more than did their peers

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