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Dissertation Information for Dong-Youl Jeong

- Dong-Youl Jeong

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1990)

- Jorge Schement

- Tefko Saracevic
- Brent D. Ruben
- Leah Lievrouw
- Francisco Rivera-Batiz

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A sectoral analysis of the information sector in the information economy: Its comparative measurement and new classification model

Abstract: The production, processing and distribution of information is fast becoming a major economic activity for many nations of the world. The basic idea of this study is that information is becoming the strategic resources and transforming agents in the information society. This study fulfills two major objectives with regard to the analysis of the information sector in the information economy. First, it investigates an empirical study of the information sector--the information work force, and information goods and services (information activities)--of the selected nations. Second, it advances a theoretical explanation of the major factors of the growth of the information sector, and develops a new classification model of the information economy.

In order to answer the objectives, this study derives and compares the emergence of the information work force using the industry-occupation matrix table, and of the information goods and services using the value added proportion of the gross domestic products (GDP) by analyzing both the primary information sector (PIS) and secondary information sector (SIS) separately.

Based on the empirical data analysis, results show that the information sector in all selected countries, is consistently increasing, regardless of the levels of industrialization. Especially, in the newly industrialized countries, the information sector is small but grows at a faster pace than the rest of countries. But the growth rate of the information sector in developed country generally tends to slow down as a nation becomes a mature information economy. In addition, each country varies the internal structure of the information work force and the divisional contribution of the information goods and services. From a statistical view point, the growth of the information sector has a very strong relationship with the information work force, primary information sector, and secondary information sector among other. Also, the growth of the primary information sector and that of the secondary information sector results in the same impacts on the growth of the information work force. Beyond the theoretical implications of this study, further research issues and implications are discussed.

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