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Dissertation Information for Betty J. Turock

- Betty J. Turock
- (Alias) Betty Turock

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1982)

- Ralph Blasingame

- Ernest Deprospo
- Kenneth Beasley
- Jeffrey Smith

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Abstract: In a case study, performance, organization and attitude, factors important for successful multitype networks, were identified and measured. Based on the evidence, a model for development and evaluation was proposed.

Information on performance was gathered in a field study of interlibrary resource exchange among public, academic, special and school multitype members. Data were collected on five variables: volume of use, percentage of filled requests, patterns of activity, response time and increased access to unique periodicals. Seven variables were identified in organization: planning, governance, funding, communication-delivery, configuration, administration and success. Criteria were developed for each variable and tested in interviews with a cross section of network participants. Barriers to networking were identified and formulated into statements about performance, organization and success to measure attitude. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of network participants, stratified by system. Data on performance, organization and attitude were related to success and to each other, and a model created.

In performance, the recent addition of school libraries had generated little activity. Informal exchanges, outside channels for resource sharing, accounted for more traffic than formal exchanges. Informal channels were faster, leading to the speculation that multitypes originate from the viewpoint of institutional representatives, not the information seeking behavior of potential users. Fiscal rewards were recommended based on performance delivery rather than participation. In organization, tests showed positive relationships between success and five of seven independent variables: funding, evaluation, communication-delivery, planning and governance. The seven were not strongly related to each other. Each measured separate factors which were individually important. No support was found for superboards with authority over system members; legislation was substantiated as important to development. The concept of barriers proved useful in assessing attitude. Analyzed within an expectation-fulfillment framework, participants were satisfied with the performance of their system only. Performance data showed exchanges among different types of libraries occur far less than among similar types; other expectations are set-ups for failure.

For continued progress, future organization must attend to factors known about expectations, information seeking behavior and performance. To ensure its utility, the proposed model should be tested on multitypes nationally.

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