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Dissertation Information for Ralph R. Simon

- Ralph R. Simon

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1983)

- Conrad H. Rawski

- William Goffman
- Winfield G. Doyle
- Thomas Gleason Morris

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Title: Budgeting for Film Collections in A School Media Center - A Systematic Approach

Abstract: The search for an equitable way to apportion library materials funds and improve budget planning is not confined to universities exclusively. At the secondary school level where library/media centers are growing in importance and have substantial budgets, there is a need for an empirically based, statistical formula which furnishes legitimate allocation figures to aid library administrators and librarian budget makers in distributing their financial resources among competing departments.

This study was undertaken in order to establish objective bases in terms of which such allocations to departments can be made and a systematic approach to budgeting for firm collections in a school library/media center can be determined.

A pragmatic use-cost based book allocation formula for academic libraries developed by McGrath was tested in a high school environment with positive results demonstrating that with the slight modification of substituting "films" for "books" it could be adapted for budgeting for film acquisitions in a school library media center. Inasmuch as the application of the formula depends on the degree of relationships of certain variables, experiments were conducted to find the correlation coefficient of each. The results indicated that classified film circulation and departmental enrollment are closely related, as are classified book circulation and film circulation.

The results of the experiment which involved a sample of films selected at random from a high school library media center film collection, circulation data, and dividing the departments into verbal and non-verbal types, indicated that: (a) films whose classification numbers matched the classification numbers of which the departmental subject profiles are composed, are more likely to be used than no used; (b) classified circulation data is a reliable factor which can be employed to predict departmental use; (c) use varies from subject to subject and is determined not only by the characteristics of the discipline, but by whether student participation in the learning process is verbal or non-verbal; (d) that there is less dependence on audio-visual aids as a teaching tool in non-verbal courses.

An analysis of all experimental data suggested that McGrath's formula for allocating to subject categories presents a quantitative procedure which may be adapted to budgeting for films at the secondary school level. It is a systematic approach which provides an objective, statistical device for assisting librarian budget makers in management decisions.

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