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Dissertation Information for Shylaja Nukala

- Shylaja Nukala

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1996)

- Stanley Deetz

- Lea Stewart
- Hartmut Mokros
- Radha Hegde
- Jo Sprague

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Workforce globalization, geographic and cultural dislocation, and Asian-American discursive construction of identity

Abstract: Globalization of the workforce and the geographic and cultural dislocation associated with it has created a social context that evokes a reexamination of widely shared assumptions regarding identity. This study adopts a discursive conception of identity to examine the implications of this new context to migrant employees. This conception emphasizes the plural, processual, and conflictual nature of subjectivity, the role of institutional identities in providing a sense of integration, and the power relations that govern these identities. This theoretical framework is posed as an alternative to a psychological approach to identity. The assumptions of the psychological approach to identity are implicit in two discourses that are currently popular in many workplaces. These are the managing diversity discourse and the model minority discourse.

This study examines the nature of identity constructions that were revealed in the organizational experience reports of Asian Indian employees. The research questions focus on the types of identities or subject positions that these employees enacted in discourses, how they enacted a subject position that was offered by the model minority discourse, how enactment of subject positions in discourses displayed conflicts and compliance and resistance, the nature of affect that was associated with these identities, and how these employees utilized the assumptions of the managing diversity and model minority discourses to construct themselves as integrated individuals. The long interview method was used to answer the research questions. The results indicate that these employees enacted a variety of subject positions through identity markers and enactment of discourses. They also enacted a subjectivity that was offered by the model minority discourse. For these individuals, enactment of discourses pertaining to work, ethnicity, and family was a source of conflict. Many individuals reported compliant subject positions in relation to the promotion discourse and expressed high levels of investment in their work identities. Finally, these employees did not use many of the assumptions of the managing diversity and model minority discourses to construct themselves as integrated individuals. The opportunities and challenges that this new social context offers to individuals and organizations are further addressed in the conclusion chapter of the study.

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