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Dissertation Information for Alice Yanosko Chamis

- Alice Yanosko Chamis

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1984)

- Phyllis A. Richmond

- Thomas Gleason Morris
- Miranda Pao
- Miles Kennedy

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Online database search strategies and thesaural relationship models

Abstract: The lack of compatibility or standardization among many different indexing vocabularies and thesauri makes it difficult to find related information in information retrieval systems containing many different online databases. each vocabulary has a different level of detail and vocabulary control. These range from a preferred term listing to thesauri which include equivalent, hierarchical and associative terms. Switching vocabularies have been used to facilitate conversion of terms from one vocabulary to another while maintaining the thesaural relationships.

Thesaural Relationship Models were investigated to measure the degree of compatibility and switching capability among vocabularies. The Thesaural Relationship Model which was formulated was the Compatibility and Switching Value. Battelle's vocabulary Switching System was used to test this Model. A Compatibility and Switching Value was determined for each vocabulary which can be used to select the appropriate vocabulary or corresponding online database for searching.

With the proliferation of online databases and the increased number of inexperienced users, the development of search strategies to facilitate searches is important. two new search strategies were formulated and tested. Search strategies based on the thesaural relationship model were formulated for a variety of questions and tested using the NASA/RECON database. Evaluation of this "Switching Online Search Strategy" and comparison with a control group showed that the effectiveness decreased. However, this Switching Strategy is useful when a high precision search is wanted by an inexperienced searcher, unfamiliar with the search vocabulary of a specific database.

An additional search strategy was formulated based on the frequency of occurrence of index terms. This "Frequency Online Search Strategy" was also tested and evaluated. An increase in the effectiveness was found for this Frequency search Strategy. This strategy is useful for both the experienced and inexperienced user when a high recall search is important.

Recommendations for future research are summarized.

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