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Dissertation Information for Gene Golovchinsky

- Gene Golovchinsky

- Ph.D.

- Computer Science

- University of Toronto (Canada) (1997)

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Title: From information retrieval to hypertext and back again: The role of interaction in the information exploration interface

Abstract: "This work explores the design space of user interfaces for large-scale full-text database retrieval systems. Research suggests that elements of hypertext interfaces may be merged with traditional information retrieval (IR) algorithms to produce flexible hybrid interfaces for user-directed information exploration. This work examines the effectiveness of multiple-view newspaper-like interfaces, and describes a prototype that uses newspaper-style layouts to organize information retrieval results. Finally, it explores some possible visualization techniques designed to aid browsing performance.

The first of two experiments in this thesis examines the effectiveness of the simultaneous display of several documents retrieved by a given query. Experimental results suggest that viewed recall increases with increasing numbers of articles displayed on the screen simultaneously. Subjects' decision-making strategies appear to be independent of user interface factors.

The second experiment tests differences in behavior between query-based and link-based browsing. Differences in performance are found between groups of users employing different strategies, but not between interface conditions. These results suggest that dynamic query-mediated hypertext interfaces are viable alternatives to more explicit queries, and that subjects' intrinsic strategies have significant impact on their interaction with the system and on their performance.

This work proposes an implementation of dynamic links in the WWW medium. It concludes with a discussion about the nature of hypertext interfaces and about the role of the user interface in information exploration tasks, and suggests some avenues for future research in this area."

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