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Dissertation Information for Halim Bin Shafie

- Halim Bin Shafie

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Syracuse University (USA) (1988)

- Marta Leszlei Dosa

- Jeffrey H. Katzer
- Michael Nilan
- Thomas H. Martin
- John Alexander Agnew

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The relationship between organizational information processing and effectiveness: A study of research and development organizations in Malaysia

Abstract: This dissertation uses the organizational information processing (OIP) model in empirically investigating: (i) the relationship between information requirements and the components of organizational information processing capacity, and (ii) the relationship between information adequacy and organizational effectiveness. Data for this research were drawn from research and development organizations in a developing country, Malaysia.

Twenty-nine organizational units from 11 R&D organizations participated in the study. Research was conducted using two sets of questionnaires. The first, being more lengthy and complex, was administered in groups. The second, which asked respondents to evaluate projects performed in their units, was administered by mail. Responses were obtained from 243 respondents for the first questionnaire while 929 completed questionnaires were received for the second.

For the relationship between information requirements and components of organizational information processing capacity, results showed that research units were found to be less formalized, higher in vertical participation, higher in horizontal participation, higher in lateral relations, and higher in the degree of accessibility and use of information sources and channels than technical service units. This finding was consistent with the propositions in the OIP model.

The results of the study pointed to the applicability of the OIP model for examining the information processing capacity of R&D organizations in a developing country, in this case Malaysia. The findings also pointed to the need for both administrative and policy actions to improve organizational information processing capacity, particularly actions to enhance lateral relations, facilitate information resource sharing, and promote scientific and technical communication. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.)

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