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Dissertation Information for Myron Henry Gluck

- Myron Henry Gluck
- (Alias) Myron Gluck

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Syracuse University (USA) (1993)

- Michael Eisenberg

- Jeffrey H. Katzer
- Ruth Villency Small
- Susan Monica Bonzi
- Mark Stephen Monmonier
- Barbara Pfeil Buttenfield

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Understanding performance in information systems: An investigation of system and user views of geographic information

Abstract: The goal of this exploratory study was to discover meaningful relationships between the system's and user's views of performance with geographic information accounting for the role of task and format. The system's view instrumentation tested subjects ability to perform geographic reading, analysis and interpretation tasks with maps and text. The system's view, based upon the concept of cognitive fit, collected and combined time-on-task and accuracy into a single system performance measure of competence. Subjects described a recent situation in which they had a need for geographic information to build the user's view of system performance. The user's view, based on the sense-making metaphor, collected measures of relevance and satisfaction.

The analyses of this study generated direct links between the system's view measure of competence and the user's view measures of relevance and satisfaction. The study also exposed task, format, and experience as indirect links between the views of performance in geographic contexts. Significant findings in this study had effect sizes of approximately one half a standard deviation.

Specifically, low competence was related to low satisfaction and low relevance while medium to high competence was related to medium to high satisfaction and relevance. If formats 'fit' the task they can be safely ignored from a system view. From a user view both maps and text provide support in resolving geographic information needs.

Tasks are pivotal in understanding performance since competence, satisfaction, and relevance all degrade with increasing task demands.

The study also found a moderately strong relationship between relevance and satisfaction at the level of the user's concern.

Several hypotheses, based on quantitative and qualitative criteria, were generated that are consistent with a merged, no-fault view of performance in information systems. Future work needs to confirm and validate these hypotheses.

This study began to explain the consequences and benefits of a no-fault approach to understanding information systems. Much work remains to apply these results within geographic information systems and products as well as to test them in other domains.

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