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Dissertation Information for Kim Mills

- Kim Mills

- Ph.D.

- Environmental Science

- [No School Recorded] () (1988)

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Title: A limited sampling procedure for describing long term climate conditions

Abstract: "This study defines an index of fit for defining representativeness in samples of climate data. Existing statistical tests, such as chi-square goodness of fit, are sensitive to sample size and cannot be used to define representativeness. The index this paper describes is significant precisely because it presents an objective procedure that is not sensitive to sample size. To define representativeness, the index assesses the magnitude of difference between sample and long term distributions of climate patterns for a range of sample sizes.

The product of the study is a procedure that can be used to describe surface climate conditions at site with a sample of weather data. A generalized approach to implementing the procedure is described. Surface climate conditions are described in various levels of detail, from six classes of wind direction, to 24 wind direction-by-temperature classes, to 54 wind direction-by-wind speed-by-temperature classes. The amount of information needed to describe long term climate conditions increases with the detail of climate description.

Based on random selection of the sample, a baseline index of representativeness is defined. To improve the sampling procedure, stratified samples based on two different daily weather classifications are defined. In the first approach, expert interpretation of daily weather maps is combined with discriminant analysis identification of synoptic weather types. In the second approach, cluster analysis classification of daily weather type is used. Stratified sampling improves the ability of a sample to represent long term climate conditions.

The effect of a different climatic region on the performance of the sampling procedure, and the potential for compressing the sample period into consecutive six month sampling windows is also investigated."

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