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Dissertation Information for Sung Myaeng

- Sung Myaeng
- (Alias) Sung H. Myaeng
- (Alias) Sung Hyon Myaeng

- Ph.D.

- Computer Science

- Southern Methodist University (USA) (1987)

- None

- None

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Abstract: "One difficult problem in information retrieval (IR) is the proper interpretation of user queries. It is extremely hard for users to express their information needs in a specific yet exhaustive way. From a different perspective, user variability in information seeking behavior is not well reflected in a query. As an effort to alleviate this problem, two theoretical models have been proposed to utilize user characteristics maintained in a form of a user profile.

Although the idea of integrating user profiles into an IR system is intuitively appealing, and the models seem viable, no research to date has established a foundation on the roles of user profiles in such a system. Aiming at the investigation of the roles of user profiles, therefore, this study first identifies and extends various query/profile interaction models to provide a ground on which the investigation can be undertaken. From a continuum of models characterized based on interaction types, metrics, and parameters, nearly 400 models are chosen to investigate the ""model space.""

Following the preparatory work, a series of experiments are conducted using an experimental IR system built for this study. In recognition that existing measures are not sufficient for the evaluation of so many models, new measures are developed based on the notion of user satisfaction/frustration. In addition, three different criteria are introduced to guide users in making judgements on the quality of retrieved items.

A number of interesting results are produced through the analysis of the data obtained from the experiments. It is first shown that, regardless of a criterion or a metric used, there are always some query/profile interaction models that outperform the query alone model. In addition, preferable characteristics for different criteria are identified in terms of interaction types, parameters, and metrics. To ensure the significance of the results, three statistical tests are used for different purposes."

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Students under Sung Myaeng

- Michael Lawrence McHale - Syracuse University (1995)

- Gregory B. Newby - Syracuse University (1993)
- Christopher Soo-Guan Khoo - Syracuse University (1995)