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Dissertation Information for Dalia Cohen

- Dalia Cohen

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1986)

- William Goffman

- Blaine Garfolo
- Thomas Gleason Morris
- Miranda Pao

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A bibliometric method for the evaluation and design of research funding policies

Abstract: A need to approach the design of science funding policies in a more systematic, scientific manner has been expressed for a number of years. This need is growing as a result of the exponential growth of the scientific literature and, obviously, also of the population of scientists producing it. It seems highly desirable, if not vital, to find a way to narrow down this vast population to its nucleus of quality contributors.

The search for such a device has resulted in the development of a combined method of statistical analysis of the literature of the given field. Two techniques were employed--Citation Analysis and Epidemiological Analysis. The high correlation between quality and citations by review articles justified the use of the Citation Analysis technique. It made an attractive alternative to the less objective, more cumbersome and time consuming methods currently employed that involve direct consultation of the experts in the field. The Epidemiological Analysis technique, by producing individual epidemic curves for the population of scientists analyzed, provided a more complete picture of their professional development. The whole process was easily automated.

The dynamic measure of Epidemiological Analysis, coupled with the cumulative measure of Citation Analysis, would enable government or private research foundations to identify the quality scientists--those most likely to produce significant work in the future. Those individuals would be more worthy of grant support.

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