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Dissertation Information for James R. Coliz

- James R. Coliz

- Ph.D.

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- Indiana University (USA) (1990)

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Title: Economic development and telecommunications: The cultural response of the public utility commissions in the Midwest

Abstract: There are a variety of mechanisms alleged by which telecommunications can effect the economic development in the United States. The Public Utility Commission, as one of the major governmental controls on the telecommunication industry, could be expected to translate a political goal of economic development into specific regulatory policy. This study sought to identify the cultural response by the commissioners to the forces from outside the commission that sought to influence the commissioners' actions in this area. For the study, the general areas in which telecommunications is alleged to have an impact upon economic development were identified, then a majority of the commissioners in the Midwest were interviewed using in depth interviews and corroborated by viewing documentary evidence. It was found that commissioners are not being presented with economic development arguments in telecommunications cases possibly because they believe economic development is an inappropriate goal of regulation. In addition, the general decision making process a commissioner uses in deciding cases, a culturally determined process, is biased against the introduction of such arguments. As a practical matter, those wishing to use regulation to foster economic development in this arena would be advised to concentrate on methods of changing organizational culture than improving their economic development arguments.

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