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Dissertation Information for Lucille Landau

- Lucille Landau

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1986)

- William Goffman

- Sarah Scott Gibson
- Blaine Garfolo
- Thomas Gleason Morris

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Selecting journals for publication: A bibliometric approach

Present information and bibliographic flIes and their associated retrieval systems suggests less than optimum satisfaction with selection of journals in which to publish research papers. This study presents a method (or objectively and quantitatively selecting a journal in which to publish papers according to the subject.
The computer program APL was used and Critical Care Medicine was the Journal we used to test the program. Critical Care medicine was selected because it was a new journal and watching the evolution of the subject expertise would be an interesting fact.
The files employed are Critical Care Medicine for 1978, 1979 and 1980. ,A matrix was developed employing each journal cited by and citing Critical Care Medicine during the three years mentioned above. This data was derived from the Journal of Citation Reports. The data was then transferred to the computer and APL was employed. The matrices were multiplied on themselves until convergence was achieved. When the results were assembled and assessed, it became evident that the most popular and wen known journals in medicine remained the most popular and well known in the scientific medical community. There were surprises in the results and this observation in itself was he,artening. We now know that wbat we bave known and learned by working In the medical library is all true. Tbe New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet are the most selective Journals in the medical field.
The surprise was the identification of the middle group of journals whicb are very acceptable in which to publish. They are widely read And not considered "junk" Journals. Identifying the lowest group was also surprising. This was an area in need of identification. The researcher and the librarian should be aware of those journals not considered to be journals of value.
We recommend that the researcher and the librarian use this APL program to their advantage in order to identify in which journals he should attempt to publish his manuscript.

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