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Dissertation Information for Mee Jean Kim

- Mee Jean Kim

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Texas Woman's University (USA) (1990)

- Bernard Schlessinger

- Frank L. Turner
- Don E. Edwards
- Evelyn Laverne Curry Fitzgerald
- Brooke E. Sheldon

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Planning for dissemination of scientific and technical information in information centers in the Republic of Korea: A suggested model

Abstract: An efficient information system for the utilization of national and international information is a prerequisite for the growth of a national economy. In the case of Korea, problems and difficulties exist in scientific and technical information systems. Information centers in Korea do not have effective information systems, and cooperation among special libraries does not exist, even though the libraries do not have enough resources. The purposes of the study were to identify and describe the present status of scientific and technical information networks in Korea and to make recommendations for a model information network.

The population surveyed consisted of 34 information centers (10 government-supported and 24 industry-supported) belonging to research and development institutes in the areas of science and technology. From the 24 responses received, six experts were selected to further participate in interviews which focused on gathering information, suggestions, and advice that might be useful in planning a model information network for Korea. Recommendations for change within the information center community and for a model for a scientific and technical information network for Korea were made based on questionnaire responses and interview results.

All of the information centers in this study participated in resource sharing networks in a very limited way. Despite this lack of resource sharing, several of them are involved in interlibrary loan service, photocopy services, and construction of union catalogs/lists. Twenty information centers currently participate in one or more types of information networks on the national or international level. The most serious difficulties or barriers in operating ongoing or new cooperative/system activities were "a lack of standardization," followed by "a lack of information technology." The most highly necessary functions or requirements for a model information network for Korea expressed by respondents were "developing a national policy for science and technology information," "constructing national material databases," and "developing and updating information retrieval languages." Therefore, the functions or requirements associated with information storage and retrieval systems should have high priority in a model information network. The findings also indicate that information centers in Korea have sufficient capabilities to improve the present status of information networks in terms of funding, personnel, information technology, information infrastructure, and support from the parent institutions.

The major recommendation for the model information network was the development of science and technology information policy that supports and is consistent with the science and technology policy. A second recommendation was the standardization among information systems, in order to facilitate intersystem communication. A third recommendation was greater cooperation, such as coordinated acquisition and cataloging activities.

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