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Dissertation Information for Mohammad Rajabalipour Mury

- Mohammad Rajabalipour Mury

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Texas Woman's University (USA) (1991)

- Frank L. Turner

- Bernard Schlessinger
- James Thomas
- Ana D. Cleveland
- Brooke E. Sheldon
- Roger Shipley

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: South Central Regional Medical Library Program (TALON): an Evaluative Study

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the TALON services in the five state region (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico). The study sample consisted of 172 librarians and medical records directors in the TALON region. The respondents represented a population of 245 members of the TALON network listed in the 1989 TALON Directory.

The research instrument, designed by the investigator, was a 36 item questionnaire divided into six sections of research concerns. Open-ended questions at the conclusion of each section elicited comments and suggestions.

The major findings from this study were: (1) The highly positive ratings of the use and quality of the TALON resource sharing (ILL/document delivery) services by the network participants indicated a high degree of satisfaction with effectiveness. (2) The survey responses indicated that TALON provides a variety of reference/referral services. Of those who assessed the services, the respondents predominantly rated the quality as "very adequate" and appropriate to their needs. (3) In the section on continuing education/consulting and training, consistently high levels of ratings (97-99%) of the quality of TALON services were evident from the survey responses. Training sessions were considered effective in contributing to improvement in online search services. Attendance at basic skills workshops resulted in subsequent initiation and implementation of new library services. The two most frequent results achieved by the consulting services were improved library services and increased skills of library staff. (4) TALON promotional materials and publications were used by the network participants and were praised highly. The communications services were considered effective in enhancing participation in the overall network activities. (5) The NLM stated goals for RMLP were evaluated by the respondents. The TALON network was rated "very important" in achieving these goals by the majority of network participants. (6) The data analysis further established a rank order by importance for TALON services. Resource sharing (ILL/document delivery) was considered the top priority for the region, followed by continuing education/consulting and training, communications, and reference/referrals.

In conclusion, results indicated that the TALON services were provided effectively to the network participants during the contract period of 1986-1990. Each of the research questions tested by the study was supported.

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