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Dissertation Information for Ernest Raoul Perez

- Ernest Raoul Perez

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Texas Woman's University (USA) (1991)

- Mary M. Huston

- James Thomas
- Adeline Wood Wilkes
- Brooke E. Sheldon
- Wayne Zimmerman

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A study of traditional information access models applied in a hypertext information system

Abstract: Hypertext is an effective computer interface technology showing promise for information retrieval system applications. The ease of use and totally self-directed nature of navigating a hypertext information system using embedded associative links has drawn favorable reactions from system developers and implementors. However, many information retrieval specialists and librarians are concerned about the absence of planning for effective, consistent, controlled means of information organization and access. This exploratory study investigated the potential for transferring traditional, print-based methods of information retrieval to the hypertext medium.

An extensive literature review provided background for construction of a conceptual model of traditional information access methods. The study used the established case study procedure of comparing a subject system against a proposed model, to establish the degree of agreement or disagreement with the hypothesis. The investigator selected an MS-DOS hypertext authoring system which apparently used some traditional information organization and structuring methods. Data collection methods included interview of the system developer and associates, examination of system documentation, informal interview of hypertext system developers using the system, and use of the subject system authoring tools for construction of a small hypertext system. Multiple means of data collection were used, allowing for cross-checking and verification of information. The data was interpreted by tabulation and examination of results against the traditional information access model.

The study conclusively supported the hypothesis of the transferability of nearly all traditional information access and retrieval methods to the hypertext medium. It identified the hierarchical taxonomy matrix tool used in the subject authoring system as an accepted method of organizing information structure, and found it to be an effective hypertext authoring approach. It recommended the use of methods for insuring structured information organization, and tools to provide for consistency and control of access means. The study concluded that it would be productive for hypertext system authors to adopt a highly integrative approach, using a mixture of traditional information access methodologies to complement hypertext associative linking access and sophisticated information retrieval software approaches.

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