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Dissertation Information for Clark Albert Elliott

- Clark Albert Elliott

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1970)

- Robert E. Schofield

- Jesse H. Shera
- Conrad H. Rawski
- Robert C. Davis

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Title: The American scientist, 1800-1863

Abstract: In recent years there has been a growing interest in the study of the history of American science, Unfortunately, accounts of the social structure of science in its American setting - the geographic and socioeconomic origins of scientists, their educational preparation, their career patterns, and their areas of science interest- have been largely matters of conjecture. Using the first series of the Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1863), a list compiled of 538 names of American who wrote three or more articles in American science journals. For 503 authors, biographical data (to varying degrees) was collected and subsequently analyzed and tabulated. The tables show, for example, where scientists were born and educated, their adult residence, and their occupations and science-interests, as well as the occupations of their fathers.

The results of this study show American scientists in the first half of the nineteenth century came from a rather narrowly defined segment of the population. They were mainly from the northeastern part of the country (Washington, D.C. northward). Their fathers were usually members of the professional, commercial, or public service classes. Their education was usually in a college or a medical school, and their occupations were in most cases at least related to science.

The biographical data was also studied in relation to the decades of birth and the areas of interest of the scientists. These tables indicate patterns of change over time, and demonstrate the increasing professionalization and differentiation of the science researcher in American society. In those tables which compare the biographical data of the scientist to his science-interest (based on a subject classification of his journal articles), there is the warning that any generalization about the social structure of American science during the period under study must specify which branch or branches of science are involved. The social structure of science did differ according to the science-interests of the scientist.

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