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Dissertation Information for Donna Rae Trivison

- Donna Rae Trivison

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1986)

- William Goffman

- Sarah Scott Gibson
- Blaine Garfolo
- Thomas Gleason Morris

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Title: The semantic relationship of direct citation : a model for information retrieval

Abstract: Retrieval form an information system designed to organize a research literature can be approached in one of two ways: by subject terms or by citations. The former approach has been called semantic retrieval while the latter has been called pragmatic retrieval.

Semantic retrieval is predicated upon the inherent ability and natural function of subject-specific terminology to describe information content of both documents and information queries. In semantic retrieval, documents are selected from the system based on potential relevance as it can be Determined through terminology.

Pragmatic retrieval, on the other hand, is based on known past usefulness of one document to another. Bibliographic citations provide the basis for this type of retrieval.

This research attempted to discover what the relationship was between subject terminology and citations, and so also between semantic and pragmatic retrieval.

The experiment was conducted on a document file made-up of two groups of research articles, published 1971-73 and 1979-81, selected from three core journals in the field of information science. These target articles were paired both randomly with each other, and, with articles citing them. In order to discover a degree of semantic similarity between the article pairs, titles and abstracts were analyzed for term co-occurrence. A consistent distribution of term co-occurrence was discovered between citing article pairs, while the degree of co-occurrence displayed by non-citing article pairs was very low.

The actual results of the experiment showed that in approximately 77% of the cases where there was a direct citation relationship there also existed a higher level of semantic similarity than existed between 87% of non-citing articles.

On this basis, semantic and pragmatic retrieval would be expected to produce similar results, when, in fact, there is evidence that they do not. the Boolean retrieval function may be the reason.

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