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Dissertation Information for Allyson Carlyle

- Allyson Carlyle

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of California, Los Angeles (USA) (1994)

- Elaine F. Svenonius

- Milos Dragutin Ercegovac
- Diana Thomas
- Michele Valerie Cloonan

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The second objective of the catalog: An evaluation of collocation in online catalog displays

Abstract: Research is presented that tests the extent to which the second of Charles Cutter's objects, or functions, of the library catalog are fulfilled in online catalogs. The second objective stipulates that a catalog should collocate the works of an author and the editions of a work. It is, in essence, a standard for display and arrangement of bibliographically related catalog records. A survey of online catalogs is conducted in which "worst-case" searches are used to measure the extent to which records for the works of an author and the editions of a work are collocated. The main research question is: What is the effect of online catalog computer system variables such as match type, match extent, and filing order on collocation of bibliographically related items? Computer system variables that have a potential impact on arrangement of multiple records are defined. The effect of system variables is measured by various dependent variables that show how closely multiple-record displays collocate the works of authors and the editions of works. Worst-case searches are selected that represent real-life searches presenting various obstacles to an intelligently structured display.

Results of the survey show that a cluster of independent variable values associated with character-string match type, including single-field match location, record grouping, consistent arrangement, and word-by-word filing order collocate related records better than a cluster associated with keyword match type, including multiple-field match location, no record grouping, inconsistent arrangement, and numerical filing order. Catalog size has an effect on collocation in only about half the searches, in which case small catalogs collocate related work records better than medium catalogs, and medium catalogs collocate better than large catalogs. Author record sets are collocated in online catalogs more successfully than either work or superwork record sets.

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Students under Allyson Carlyle

- Joseph T. Tennis - University of Washington, Seattle (2005)
- Martha Kellogg Smith - University of Washington, Seattle (2006)
- Melanie Feinberg - University of Washington, Seattle (2008)
- Ok nam Park - University of Washington, Seattle (2008)