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Dissertation Information for Danny Paul Wallace

- Danny Paul Wallace
- (Alias) Danny P. Wallace

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) (1985)

- Linda C. Smith

- Charles Davis
- Herbert Goldhor
- Kathyn Luther Henderson
- Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster

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Abstract: This study examined the relationship between journal productivity and journal obsolescence for a database of references from articles dealing with desalination. Although these two variables have often been studied in isolation, no previous studies have examined their interaction for a single subject literature. It was hypothesized that those journals that were most productive would, on the average, have relatively short active lives, and that as journal productivity decreased, the average active lives of the articles contributed by a journal would increase. The number of references to a particular journal in the database was used as a measure of that journal's productivity. The measure of obsolescence used was the median age of the references to a particular journal. The hypothesized inverse linear relationship was not found to hold, although the data did exhibit an inverse tendency. It was found that highly productive journals did tend to have low journal median citation ages, and that high journal median citation ages were always associated with journals that were unproductive in terms of the numbers of references to those journals in the database. These extreme cases appeared to be distributed in a hyperbolic manner. The remaining journals, which were not highly productive and did not have high journal median citation ages, appeared to be distributed in a random manner.

The research front phenomenon was suggested as a possible cause for the observed relationship, and was examined in terms of two variables: (1) the subject orientation of a sample of articles, and (2) the Price's Index values of the same sample of articles (Price's Index is an indicator of the recency of the references contained in an article). The observed relationships between these two variables and journal productivity and journal median citation age were weak, although in some cases statistically significant, and the support given to the role of the research front phenomenon in explaining the observed relationship between journal productivity and journal median citation age must be considered tentative.

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- Maryann Stark Whitaker - University of Alabama (2013)

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