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Dissertation Information for Irene Andrea Braden

- Irene Andrea Braden
- (Alias) Irene Andrea Hoadley

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1967)

- Wallace J. Bonk

- Joe Lee Davis
- Anthony T. Kruzas
- Frederick H. Wagman

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Abstract: It is the purpose of this study to show that the undergraduate library is one of the most important concepts in library services to be developed in the last two decades. Each of the six separately housed undergraduate libraries in the United States in existence at the beginning of this study are included. Undergraduate collections (those housed in general library buildings) are excluded.

The materials for this study come from two main sources-- personal interviews and office files. The major problem in approaching this topic was the lack of published material. As a result, the only way to get the information was to visit each of the undergraduate libraries and talk with the persons concerned and examine their files, when this was possible.

For each of the undergraduate libraries included-- Lamont Library, Harvard University; the Undergraduate Library, University of Michigan; the Undergraduate Library, University of South Carolina, the Undergraduate Library, Indiana University; the Uris Library, Cornell University; and the Undergraduate Library, University of Texas-- there are discussions of the background of the idea at that institution (who initiated the idea and why); development of the project; financing; the building (including physical descriptions of the arrangement, furniture, lighting, flooring, and special features); the book collection (means of acquiring, size, and scope); and staff. In addition, the operation of the library including public services (reference, reserve, circulation and special services such as audio facilities) and technical services receive attention. The last part of each chapter is concerned with use of the library-- how it is used and to what extent it is used.

The undergraduate library is a library specially designed and adapted to meet the needs and desires of undergraduate students. The specially assembled collection of books relates to the undergraduate curriculum, while the library is staffed by librarians who have definite interests in helping students. The basis of the undergraduate library is to encourage reading and study by making books easily accessible to the student. In this respect, it functions as a means of self-education, for the student learn to select books for himself.

The feasibility of building a separate undergraduate library varies with the situation at each institution. The size of the student body, the size of the book collection, the kind of service available for the undergraduate student, the building situation and the curriculum needs are all facets of the problem.

The results of the study show that the undergraduate library represents a whole new idea in library service. Although removing a segment of the collection for special service was not a new idea, the undergraduate library was a vertical division instead of the more common horizontal division. The undergraduate library is costly in terms of duplication of staff and books but cheap in terms of operation (compares with similar service in a general university library). It has been established that the distinction of the undergraduate library is not only in its building and collection but also in terms of more intangible factors as service and attitude toward the students.

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