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Dissertation Information for James Patrick McCabe

- James Patrick McCabe

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1968)

- Russell E. Bidlack

- Kenneth E. Vance
- Mary Claudia Carlen
- Edmon Low
- John Reidy

MPACT Status: Fully Complete


Although there are any number ot general and special
bibliographies of Catholic literature, no extensive bibliographic
survey of Catholic reference works exists. This
dissertation attempts to fill this gap by listing, describing,
and evaluating such work-a, within the framework of certain
limitations made necessary by the vast amount of material
available for inclusion.
Works seleoted are essentially of two types: those that
deal with topics peculiar to the Church, e.g., the liturgy or
other theological disciplines; and those that deal with topics
such as the social sciences literature, and,the arts on which
Catholics have traditionally felt the need to express a
"point of view."

The limitations set have excluded unpubliShed, rare,
or very old works not generally ,available to 'scholars in
the United states. English language works are emphasized,
but books in foreign languages are freely inoluded if they
are widely known, oomprehensive,An scope, and scholar1y, if
there are no English language equivalent; or if they are more
up to date than any similar English language work or translation.

While the books included need not have ,been written or
sponsored by Catholics, they are listed only if they deal
with the Church exclusively or, if ?? part, at least thoroughly
enough to be of value to the scholar. Ordinarily
works by non-Catholics dealing with .topics such as patrology
and scripture, which are common to all Christians, are excluded
in favor of a more thorough listing of works from
Catholic .souroes. In this way duplication of the lists in
general reference bibliographies is avoided.

On the other hand, Catholic authorship alone is not
enough to qualify a book for inclusion. The contents or
point of view must in some way relate it to Catholicism.
Hence, a science dictionary written by a Catholic would not
be included. As a matter of fact, no "Catholic" works on
the natural sciences are listed at all since ,these works
should be indistinguishable from any others on the same
In accordance with standard practice, reference. books
per se--bibliographies, indexes; encyclopedias, ~etc.--have
been included along with other works, not perhaps intended
as such, but often consUlted for reference because of their comprehensive scope, acouracy, detailed indexes, and similar

Tha books selected are arranged into five chapters
with an "Appendix." Chapter I deals with "General Reference Works:" bibliographies, library science, and biography
eluding the lives of the saints. Chapter II, "theology"
covers traditional theological disciplines including the
study of religions and the liturgy. Philosophy, literature,
music, and fine arts are grouped together as the "Humanities"
in Chapter III; while Chapter IV covers the "Sociol Sciences"--
education, sociology, customs, statistics, canon law, political science, and geography. Chapter V, "History," includes
the general history of the Church, the Church in America,
the papacy, councils and religious orders.

The critical opinions supplied are those of the
author or, where available, of literary and professional
authorities both Catholic and secular.
Of the 792 titles included, no more than 225 have ever
been listed in any one bibliography before; nor has any other work included reference books in as many different subject areas.

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