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Dissertation Information for Hernan Daniel Hammerly

- Hernan Daniel Hammerly

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1999)

- Victor Rosenberg

- Carolyn O. Frost
- David Hessler
- David Rudyard Williams
- Milan Marich Jr.

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Title: The success and education of professional librarians: A study of correlations between occupational success and some educational factors as perceived by a group of Argentine librarians

Abstract: This project studied occupational success as well as other job and career characteristics in a population of Argentine librarians who obtained their entry-level postsecondary degree in librarianship, between 1980 and 1983. A mail census survey was administered in 1988 and, in 1998, a follow-up was administered to the respondents who were working in librarianship in Wave 1.

Occupational success in librarianship was defined as "the fulfillment of expectations related to a job or jobs in a library setting or in any other service where the competencies acquired at library school are relevant." As job-related expectations may vary for different persons, circumstances and viewpoints, sets of possible expectations from the librarian as individual (personal), the librarians as a professional group (professional), and, from the general population (public), viewpoints were identified. Criteria related to these expectations were listed and questions were developed to obtain data about them. Scales of occupational success were calculated for the personal, professional and public viewpoints. A general composite scale was also computed.

The main hypothesis stated that "in comparison to their occupational success, librarians' attitude competencies have higher correlation coefficients than do either their knowledge or skill competencies." Knowledge, skill and attitude competencies relevant for Argentine librarians were selected by experts from lists compiled from the literature. The respondents indicated if these competencies were necessary in the jobs. They also responded whether and how they had acquired each competency. Data did not support the main hypothesis in Wave 1 where knowledge competencies had, in most cases, higher correlations with occupational success than skill and attitude competencies. In Wave 2 the main hypothesis was supported only for the scale of personal success. Skill competencies had, in most cases, the highest correlations followed by knowledge competencies.

The secondary hypothesis: "librarians with postsecondary education beyond that required for a librarian's degree are, on average, more successful than librarians whose postsecondary education is limited to their first professional degree in library science," was supported by the data obtained in both surveys.

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