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Dissertation Information for Arabelle P. Fedora

- Arabelle P. Fedora

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (1993)

- Evelyn Hope Daniel

- Paul Solomon
- Barbara B. Moran
- Marilyn Lea Miller
- Mary Ann Brown

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: An exploration of the scheduling patterns of two exemplary elementary school media centers

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore both flexible and fixed elementary school library media center scheduling in order to investigate the variety of factors that may contribute to the choice of schedule and to the implementation of the instructional consultant role of the media specialist.

Qualitative methodology was used to develop case studies of two exemplary elementary school media centers (grades kindergarten-5), one using a traditional, fixed schedule and the other a flexible one. Methodology included triangulation of data: observations, interviews, and analysis of documents from each site.

Major differences were found in the two programs. In the flexibly scheduled media center, students have more frequent access individually and in small groups. The media specialist participates more often in planning with teachers and as an instructional consultant. Some teachers schedule activities to a much greater extent than others. Teachers express a degree of fit between the media program's goals and the school's philosophy. Many teachers and students seem to be developing a sense of ownership of the media center. Teachers and their assistants frequently accompany their students for nonscheduled activities. Lack of clerical assistance is a significant barrier to greater program development.

The traditionally scheduled media center ensures regular access and the same instruction for all students. Although encouraged, nonscheduled student use is rare, except for groups in grades 3-5 for circulation. The media specialist integrates her activities using a timeline of teachers' units, but planning with teachers is minimal. The full, fixed schedule and released time policy are barriers to program development.

The findings suggest several factors which may influence the choice of schedule and the instructional consultant role: (1) the educational philosophies of participants, (2) consideration of time, (3) commitment to the instructional consultant role, including personal qualities of the media specialist, (4) collaboration with teachers (planning styles, teaching styles, teaming, and collegiality), (5) roles of all participants, (6) diffusion of innovation, regarding flexible scheduling as an innovation, and (7) external factors such as released time policies, funding, staffing, school size, media center size and location, and technical and community support. These factors warrant further research.

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