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Dissertation Information for Randolph Fritz Raymond Rasch

- Randolph Fritz Raymond Rasch

- Ph.D.

- Nursing

- University of Texas, Austin (USA) (1988)

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Title: The development of a taxonomy for the nursing process: A deductive approach based on an analysis of the discipline of nursing and application of set theory

Abstract: Taxonomies are developed within disciplines in order to improve communication within the discipline regarding phenomena of concern. Taxonomic work within the discipline of nursing has primarily been concerned with the development of a classification system for nursing diagnosis. The emphasis on diagnosis has resulted in decreased attention to other components of the nursing process--the method for professional practice within the discipline. Current taxonomic work also lacks a logical structural system. The narrow focus in current work has unnecessarily restricted nursing, as a discipline, and professional practice within the discipline. The lack of a logical structural system has contributed to confusion rather than communication. In this study a logically structured taxonomic system for the nursing process was constructed that included all components of the process. This work was based on the characteristics of the discipline of nursing (including phenomena of concern). These characteristics provided the premise on which to develop a taxonomic system using a deductive method. These characteristics were identified through analysis and synthesis of characteristics presented in the nursing conceptual models of Martha Rogers, Dorothea Orem, and Callista Roy. The nursing process was identified as the method for professional nursing practice. An explication of the nursing process, and its components, provided the basis for the development of a taxonomy, structured according to the principles of set theory. The taxonomy was evaluated according to criteria for categorical systems. The study was summarized and the limitations and strengths were discussed. Recommendations were made for validation of the premise and further development of the taxonomy.

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