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Dissertation Information for John B. Smith

- John B. Smith
- (Alias) John Brewster Smith

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Columbia University (USA) (1991)

- Redmond Kathleen Molz

- Phyllis Dain

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Title: Faculty status of librarians in three ARL member research libraries in New York State : a case study

Abstract: This study involved a multi-dimensional, in-depth examination of the arrangements for faculty status of librarians in three ARL member research libraries in New York State. The purpose of the study was to describe librarian status in the three libraries, obtain the opinions and perceptions about status of library faculty and others directly involved, and to develop conclusions and recommendations regarding librarian status in the test institutions.

The main sources of data for the study were the published literature on faculty status for librarians; the official documents establishing and guiding governance and status of librarians at the test institutions; a series of personal interviews with governance leaders, library administrators and university administrators at the test institutions; a survey of librarians at the test institutions; and the investigator's direct observation during visits to the test institutions.

The most important findings of the study, which relate specifically to the institutions studied, include the following: Librarians view many aspects of their status with ambivalence; faculty status is considered appropriate and is preferred over any alternative status; librarians find faculty status comfortable but they do not feel accepted as members of the faculty by those outside the library; the criteria for appointment, promotion and tenure used at the test institutions are approved of by librarians; librarians are concerned about practical problems associated with application of the criteria for appointment, promotion and tenure; the peer review and governance processes are perceived as working well; faculty status is not considered to be a positive factor in promoting library service; the perceived benefits of faculty status are less extensive than previously thought; there are important problems associated with faculty status that librarians wish resolved; and the ACRL Standards for Faculty Status of 1971, with two exceptions, are thought to be adequately met.

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