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Dissertation Information for Sandra Hughes-Hassell

- Sandra Hughes-Hassell
- (Alias) Sandra M. Hughes

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (1998)

- Evelyn Hope Daniel

- Barbara B. Moran
- George Wentworth Noblit
- Brian W. Sturm
- Jacqueline Mancall

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Title: The impact of whole language on four elementary school libraries

Abstract: An overview of the history of school libraries shows that with each shift in educational philosophy, the forms, purposes, functions, programs, and services of the school library have changed. One educational philosophy influencing today's schools is the whole language philosophy. Often referred to as "Iiterature-based curriculum," "balanced reading instruction," or "integrated language arts instruction," researchers have found that the philosophy has altered education programs across the nation.

The purpose of this study was to describe how the implementation of whole language evolved in four elementary school libraries. The study sought to understand the impact of implementation in terms of (1) its effect on the library program and (2) its effect on the librarian. Another purpose of the study was to examine the change agent role played by the four librarians.

This comparative case study focused on four school library programs in a school system that has been recognized nationally for its efforts to implement a whole language philosophy. The researcher spent one month in each school, observing what was happening in the libraries, talking to teachers, principals, and librarians, and gathering documents which might help her gain insight into each library program. Data were analyzed using a constant-comparative method.

The findings of this study indicate that school librarians are capable of being participants in education reform. The four librarians in this study openly embraced the principles of whole language and succeeded in implementing them in their instruction. In addition, they helped teachers in their efforts to understand and implement the philosophy by providing them with instructional and professional resources, modeling whole language practices for them, and helping them develop problem-based research projects.

This study also indicates that school librarians can act as catalysts for school reform. In each of these schools, the librarians provided leadership and direction in creating a library program that promoted the active construction of knowledge. The success the librarians experienced depended on six factors: the overlap between the core principles of whole language and information theory, the culture of the school, the principal's support, the knowledge and interpersonal skills of the librarian, district-level changes, and time.

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