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Dissertation Information for Gary Geisler

- Gary Geisler

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (2003)

- Gary Marchionini

- Paul Solomon
- Barbara Marie Wildemuth
- Stephanie Haas
- Jenny Preece

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Agile views: A framework for creating more effective information seeking interfaces

Abstract: In recent years we have seen several developments that have had a profound effect on information seeking in digital environments: an enormous growth in the quantity of information that is readily accessible, a significant broadening in the sources of information, and the emergence of a wide variety of devices from which we can access information. While these developments provide many benefits, the volume of information and range of choices also contribute to many problems experienced by people when seeking information online.

The primary contributions of this dissertation are to introduce a framework that can be used to design information seeking interfaces and to demonstrate that interfaces informed by this framework can improve the information seeking experience. The AgileViews framework is based on the natural and intuitive concept of views. Just as we instinctually and continually shift our focus of attention from one source of information to another to accomplish tasks and respond to stimuli in the physical world, the AgileViews framework suggests that information seeking interfaces can be improved by presenting digital information in structured, intuitive views (overviews, previews, history views, shared views, primary views, and peripheral views) and enabling users effortless interaction between these views. The practical use of this framework is illustrated in this dissertation through examples of three different prototype systems designed with the AgileViews framework.

The AgileViews framework was evaluated by conducting a two-phase user study with 28 participants. Results from the study showed that an interface developed according to the AgileViews framework does improve the user experience during information seeking, as evidenced from both objective, quantitative data and from more subjective participant impressions. Specifically, the results demonstrate that an AgileViews interface can increase the navigational efficiency and the satisfaction of people when using an information seeking system, while also encouraging them to explore the system and to be more thorough in their information seeking tasks.

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