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Dissertation Information for Michael George Christel

- Michael George Christel

- Ph.D.

- Computer Science

- Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) (1991)

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Title: A comparative study of digital video interactive interfaces in the delivery of a code inspection course

Abstract: "Past research into interactive video educational software has focused primarily on comparing the instructional effectiveness of an interactive video course with more traditional media, such as classroom lecture. Typical effectiveness measures include recall performance and attitude shifts. While such research generally finds in favor of the interactive video course, few formal examinations of the course exist to explain these results, including studies into the contributions of the interface design. An interactive digital video code inspection course was used to investigate whether the capabilities of digital video interfaces provide any advantages in an educational computer course.

Two by two factorial experiments were conducted to determine the effects of a computer course which included motion video versus one which contained no such video, and the effects of navigating through a series of related still images (surrogate travel) versus clicking a mouse on predefined areas of a single still image. The effects under study were recall performance, and shifts in meaning, measured with semantic scales, toward code inspection-related terms and educational media terms.

The code inspection course, developed at the Software Engineering Institute on a Digital Video Interactive platform, was used by seventy-two college seniors and master's students. Each student used one of these four treatments of the course in isolation for up to three hours.

The findings suggest that the presence of motion video in interfaces can lead to better recall performance than if no motion video exists in the interface. Material containing some motion video will be recalled better than if the same material is presented as audio with still images.

There were also significant differences in the shifts in meaning, calculated by subtracting a pretest score from a post test score, produced by the motion video and navigation independent variables. After the course, the surrogate travel navigation subjects rated code inspection-related terms as more powerful and ""classroom instruction"" as less powerful than the single still navigation subjects. Subjects receiving motion video shifted their views of code inspection concepts toward more active than did the subjects receiving no motion video."

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