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Dissertation Information for Naimuddin Qureshi

- Naimuddin Qureshi

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1982)

- Richard Andrew Krzys

- James G. Williams
- Allen Kent
- Patrick R. Penland
- Margaret E. Anderson

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Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to formulate a set of standards for Pakistani university libraries. Due to the nonexistence of such standards in Pakistan, only two approaches were available to the investigator for solving this problem: (1) to borrow the standards for university libraries from another country, and apply them in the Pakistani situation; or (2) to develop a set of standards specifically for Pakistani university libraries.

The investigator tried the former approach first. In order to have a better understanding of standards, the author studied the academic library standards of selected countries. The investigator used the Descriptive Survey Research Method and designed two questionnaires to gather data about Pakistani university libraries. The data were collected in terms of faculty, students, educational programs, library collections, budget, personnel, facilities, and services. The collected data were tabulated, analyzed and presented in various statistical terms.

The information about Pakistani university libraries was compared against the 1975 Standards for College Libraries developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries. The comparison showed that American standards are too high for Pakistani university libraries. Therefore, the author formulated a set of standards with the Pakistani university libraries specifically in mind. The proposed standards cover the objectives of the library, administration, finance, personnel, collections, organization of materials, facilities, and services. The standards have both qualitative and quantitative characteristics and are based on the present situation, immediate needs, and the resources available in Pakistan. The proposed standards will provide a measuring rod against which Pakistani university librarians can evaluate their libraries.

This study provides information on the development of university education in Pakistan and also discusses various aspects of librarianship in Pakistan. It is hoped that this study will also provide some guidelines for the librarians of other developing countries to examine their own university libraries. In this sense it promises to be a significant contribution to the areas of library administration and international librarianship.

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