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Dissertation Information for Hammadi Ali Al-Tunisi

- Hammadi Ali Al-Tunisi

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1988)

- William Nasri

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- Allen Kent
- John A. Cross
- Donald Shirey

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Title: This study analyzes six output measures as compared with user satisfaction of users of the 18 branch libraries of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh System. It was concerned with user satisfaction as expressed by adult users and six specific output measures defined as library services by the Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association. The study was predicated on user satisfaction as an indicator of public library effectiveness. To provide data for the research questions, two surveys were conducted. The first included the directors of all the 18 branch libraries. The second was a user survey of a sample of the registered adult borrowers at the branches. The sample of 410 for the user survey was drawn from the total number of registered borrowers of the branch libraries. The sample was distributed proportionally among all branches. Data analysis was accomplished using Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) to compute the variables and the regression analysis. User satisfaction was used as the independent variable; the six output measures were the dependent variables. No significant positive correlation was found between user satisfaction and any of the six specific output measures tested. This finding calls into question the use of output measures for the assessment of public library effectiveness and suggests that this is an area requiring further research.

Abstract: This study attempts to investigate the current situation of cooperative programs and activities which exist among Saudi University and special libraries. In addition it identifies the problems and barriers encountered in developing a National Information Network System (NINS) for Saudi Arabia. The study focuses on the attitudinal factors including resistance to technology, personal ego, lack of motivation and willingness to act, and negative feelings toward sharing library resources which may exist among librarians and library administrators. Opinions of these groups in addition to library users concerning the desirability and feasibility of establishing such a network were obtained.

The findings of this study present the need for a formal and scientific plan for a cooperative interlibrary system in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the findings support the existence of several problems including fear of losing materials, competition in purchasing materials, fear of changing familiar processes and procedures as a result of using new technologies in libraries. Data, on the other hand, do not support the existence of some attitudinal problems including: fear of losing job, fear of losing information privacy, fear of using computers, dehumanizing relationships, and potential harmfulness to society.

Establishing a national network was strongly requested by all the respondent groups. They perceive that it is time for Saudi Arabia to have its national information network system to improve library and information services provided by university and special libraries in Saudi Arabia.

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