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Dissertation Information for Lou Helen Devine Sanders

- Lou Helen Devine Sanders

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1989)

- E. J. Josey

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- Robert Ford
- Allen Kent
- Stephen Almagno

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Title: Faculty status of academic librarians in eight four-year state-supported colleges and universities in Mississippi

Abstract: This study investigated the prevailing practices of faculty status in the eight state-supported colleges and universities in Mississippi offering at least the baccalaureate degree. A further objective examined academic librarians' and academic administrators' perceptions of faculty status within the targeted population.

The descriptive survey research method was used. Two questionnaires were administered: consisting of a six-item demographic survey, as well as a forty-eight item questionnaire for the academic librarians and a twenty-four item questionnaire for the academic administrators, respectively. The questionnaire items were randomized in four subsets: (1) faculty status, (2) research and writing, (3) job performance, and (4) service, with the latter three items defined as the major criteria for promotion in rank.

Frequencies and percentages of the five responses possible to individual questionnaire items were reported, as well as means and standard deviations. The t tests were used to determine differences in perceptions by gender and tenure status. The one-way analysis of variance, using the F test, was used to compare level of educational attainment, professional assignment, faculty rank, and years of professional experience variables.

The six hypotheses were tested at the.05 level of significance. Hypotheses 1 through 4 were tested by Pearson product-moment correlations performed on the significant relationships. Hypotheses 5 through 6 were tested using t tests to determine significant differences between administrators' and librarians' perceptions.

The tests of the hypotheses indicate that academic librarians and academic administrators support the concept of faculty status and the research and writing criterion, with the academic administrators feeling stronger toward research and writing than the academic librarians. The tests of the hypotheses further indicate that librarians perceive no correlation between job performance and faculty status, but perceive a moderate correlation between research and writing and service criteria for promotion in faculty rank.

Thus, academic librarians and academic administrators in Mississippi perceive faculty status to be desirable. However, the librarians have a moderate correlation or show no relationship between their perceptions of faculty status and their perceptions of either of the delineated criteria for promotion in rank.

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