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Dissertation Information for Frank Eugene Williams

- Frank Eugene Williams

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1989)

- E. Blanche Woolls

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- David V. Loertscher
- Sean Hughes
- Jay E. Daily

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A national study of the public school library statistics collected by state agencies

Abstract: The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to determine what types of public school library statistics are currently being collected on a regular basis by state agencies (state education departments and state libraries) and (2) to determine from the opinions of state school library supervisors and a panel of experts what specific public school library statistics should be collected on a regular basis by state agencies. Other matters related to statistics programs for public school libraries were also sought: (a) how frequently the statistics are (should be) collected, (b) what types of survey forms are (should be) used to collect the statistics, and (c) the purposes for which the statistics are (should be) collected. The need for this study developed from statements in professional literature which implied that all state education departments should collect public school library statistics and collect them in such a manner as would make them useful at the state level nationwide.

State involvement in the collection of such statistics was found to vary considerably from state to state. Fifteen states collect no public school library statistics. Of the thirty-five collecting states, some collect only a few types whereas others collect a variety. Most of those collected are of the "traditional" types (i.e., expenditures, budget/income, collections, personnel). Over two-thirds of the statistics are gathered annually and most are collected through the use of the combined form (a form used to collect all kinds of school statistics at one time) rather than through the use of the separate form (a form used to collect school library statistics exclusively).

Most of the specific statistics highly recommended by the respondents to be collected by state agencies were also of the "traditional" types, including "total amount expended for library," "number of library personnel by type," and "number of students served." However, some "programmatic" and "impact" statistics were recommended. Annual collection of the statistics and the use of the combined form were highly favored.

It was recommended that state departments of education should consider the feasibility of establishing regular in-state statistics programs for public school libraries that would be of benefit to all states.

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