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Dissertation Information for Edwin-Michael Cortez

- Edwin-Michael Cortez

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Southern California (USA) (1980)

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- [Indecipherable1]
- Roger Greer

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Abstract: Purpose. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of library directors' theory of management upon middle managers' managerial behavior and middle managers' job satisfaction in medium-size public libraries throughout the United States. This was done by testing middle managers' behavior and job satisfaction and relating them to directors' theories of management. The major assumption of the study was that the Human Resource School of Management, as the prevalent management theory in public libraries, could be statistically associated with middle managers' job performance and satisfaction with their jobs. The major hypotheses stated: "There is a direct and significant relationship between top managers' management theories and middle management's managerial behavior and middle management's job satisfaction in medium-size public libraries." The sub-hypotheses stated: "(1) In this research the identified management theory has a significant influence on middle management's behavior and job satisfaction. (2) To the extent that middle management desires, expectations, and behavior are in harmony with top management's management theories, middle managers will find greater satisfaction. (3) There is a reciprocal relationship between top managers' management theories and middle managers' managerial behavior which tends to reinforce top management's management theory and middle management's managerial behavior."

Methodology. A review of the literature was undertaken to discover the major philosophical trends within public library management and to establish which management theory appears most prevalently in the public library field. Using an ex post facto research design, three questionnaire instruments were then administered to 90 randomly selected medium-size public libraries representing a total of 90 library directors, 270 middle managers, and 540 subordinates. The first questionnaire was an attitude scale constructed according to a method suggested by Rensis Likert, G. Murphy, and Allen Edwards which measured the directors' managerial theories. The second and third questionnaires were constructed through a modification of Lyman Porter's scale. These instruments respectively measured middle management behavior through subordinate responses and middle management job satisfaction through middle manager responses. Using non-linear correlation techniques, correlation coefficients for each of the primary variables were computed from the composite scores of directors, middle managers, and subordinates. A difference score between director responses and middle manager responses and director responses and subordinate responses was also calculated.

Results. Compared at the .05 level of significance, the resultant correlation coefficients of the primary variables indicated no significant relationship between directors' management theory and middle management behavior or job satisfaction. At the .001 level of significance, however, a strong association was uncovered between middle managers' behavior and satisfaction with their jobs. Comparative scores for differentiation in responses between directors, middle managers, and subordinates yielded some discrepancies in their perspectives.

Conclusion. Although the findings were inconclusive, they did support research which establishes significant relationships between behavior and job satisfaction. In addition, the study adds to the understanding of these relationships by investigating them from various aspects of library personnel practices.

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