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Dissertation Information for Patamaporn Yenbamrung

- Patamaporn Yenbamrung

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Texas, Austin (USA) (1992)

- E. Glynn Harmon

- Francis L. Miksa
- Ronald E. Wyllys
- Billie Grace Herring
- DeLayne R. Hudspeth

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The emerging electronic university: A study of student cost-effectiveness

Abstract: This study provides models for assessing the cost-effectiveness for students of electronic university efforts to support administrative decision-making. These models are sufficiently general to apply to different time periods, places, and technological and situational circumstances. The study reviews the electronic university movement, describes operational universities, and reviews student cost-effectiveness in traditional and distance education. Library and information science is the focal disciplinary area of the study. The study progresses in its analysis of student cost-effectiveness from traditional on-campus education, to traditional off-campus education, and then to off-campus electronically based education. The study thus reveals some key characteristics of the new student marketplace that is evolving in the on-going transition from traditional to electronically based higher education.

Four models are applied: (1) payback and break-even, (2) return-on-investment, (3) net-present-value, and (4) internal-rate-of-return. The study focuses on assessment of monetary cost-effectiveness at the degree-program level. It briefly discusses the issues of nonmonetary student cost-effectiveness, institutional cost-effectiveness, and joint institutional-student cost-effectiveness. It provides illustrative statistical analyses of student cost-effectiveness.

Five sets of data were collected, through questionnaires, interviews, and site visits, from three types of educational settings: on-campus, traditional off-campus, and off-campus electronically based education. The overall analysis reveals both that the various cost-effectiveness models are generally applicable and that they are sufficiently sensitive to support administrative decision-making. Illustrative statistical analysis reveals that off-campus electronically based education can produce marked increases in student monetary and nonmonetary cost-effectiveness.

Future research should address: (1) additional dimensions of the emerging higher-education marketplace, (2) the development of more cost-effective educational institutions, programs, and services, (3) optimization of joint institutional-student cost-effectiveness, (4) the development of university consortia for electronic university operations, and (5) program standards, accreditation, and academic quality in the electronic university environment.

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