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Dissertation Information for Bunhee Jeong

- Bunhee Jeong

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Texas, Austin (USA) (2004)

- Philip Doty

- Julie Hallmark Bichteler
- Mary Lynn Rice-Lively
- E. Glynn Harmon
- Victoria Elizabeth Rodriguez

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: South Korean universal service and Korean reunification: A policy analysis

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to redefine the concept and scope of universal service and to develop universal service policy of South Korea for Korean reunification. The basic assumption of this study is that well developed universal service may contribute to the eventual reunification by ensuring equal access to information resources for the two peoples in the process of reunification. This study found that the current approaches to universal service are fragmented and lack holistic approach without resolving major concerns in universal service and Korean reunification.

The study began with redefining the concept and scope of universal service. The theoretical foundation of this study included social capital and diffusion of innovations theory in order to better understand universal service and to develop policy recommendations. The analysis focused on legislation, other policy documents, and major agreements between North and South Korea related to informatization and unification. This study uses policy analysis as both a data collection and data analysis technique, more specifically qualitative policy analysis with triangulation for improving credibility.

This study identified the major characteristics of universal service and explored the current universal service in South Korea by analyzing major policy instruments of South Korea. In addition, this study examined the major characteristics of North Korean telecommunication infrastructure and explored a universal service model for social integration between North and South Korea. This study examined the commonalities and the differences between North and South Korea in telecommunication policy and telecommunication infrastructure. This study found that: (1) there is no consensus about the scope of universal service, (2) there is information gap between North and South Korea, (3) both Koreas lack legal requirements for providing universal service from the perspective of Korean reunification, (4) finally, there is little discussion between North and South Korea to develop a unified universal service model.

Consequently, this study proposed policy recommendations in five areas: (1) redefining the scope of universal service, (2) developing a unified telecommunication infrastructure, (3) developing policy instruments, (4) restructuring government organizations, and (5) creating a participatory universal service model for Korean reunification.

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