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Dissertation Information for Betty L. Maurstad

- Betty L. Maurstad

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1972)

- William Goffman

- Jesse H. Shera
- Conrad H. Rawski
- Walter S. Gibson

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Concerning structural properties in the literature of the art historian - a bibliometric study

Abstract: The present study is intended as an initial inquiry into some aspects of the interrelated problems of structural properties in the literature of the art historian as these problems may be approached within the field of Bibliometrics. Toward this purpose, inquiry has been made into aspects of the behavior of certain properties of the literature which has been cited by the art historian in a selected group of art-historical publications. The behavior thus investigated consists in, primarily, that of the temporal behavior of such literature, in turn, consists of that cited in nine works by Erwin Panofsky 1892-1960, and in the Journal of the H??????? and G??????? I?????????. XXX (1967) publications which entail that the "coverage" of this inquiry concern literature cited in what may be termed an iconology-oriented approach to, predominantly, the study of Western art of the pre-modern period.

The investigation of the temporal behavior of works cited within these publications has indicated such behavior to be essentially "constant" that is, the, ratio of change in percentages of works published 1800 to date cited in a given publication, as cited works are examined as having been themselves published in successive decades preceding their citation, is shown to be a constant of approximately 1.4 per decade, irrespective of when the publication, in which these 'Works have been cited, was itself published. Subsequent investigations concerning the temporal behavior of "individual characteristics" within this cited literature have, among related findings, indicated the chronological behavior of nucleuses of individual authors and specific works to be virtually identical to the chronological behavior of the total of this literature: And an investigation of particular periodicals in which were published the periodical articles cited within these publications has indicated the "law of S. C. Bradford to be, in general, satisfied: that is, successive zones of periodicals containing about the same number of cited articles are as 1: n : n^2 ... Thus, even as the behavior of the cited periodical articles appears to satisfy Bradford's "particular" law of distribution, the behavior of the total of this cited literature appears to satisfy a more "general" law of distribution: that is -in paraphrase of R. A. Fairthorne - hyperbolic distributions are inevitable whenever a group of people form compounds from a repertory of given elements and one aspect of the "cost" or such elements is dominant.

Since such laws derive- and are obeyed or disobeyed - within social situations, it cannot be assumed that the past behavior of the literature of the art historian will forever continue without change, for the situation in which this literature is produced may change. On the other hand, however, such past may be not unlike prologue: certain patterns of past behavior, suggesting structural properties within this literature, have become evidenced; similarities to and changes within, these patterns may in future considerations of this literature be "looked for." In problems of structural properties in the literature of the art historian there thus appears to be - as Erwin Panofsky has stated relative to artistic problems - "one basic antithesis of differentiation vs. continuity."

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