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Dissertation Information for Charles A. Seavey

- Charles A. Seavey
- (Alias) Charles Seavey
- (Alias) Charles Alden Seavey

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (1987)

- Douglas L. Zweizig

- Jane B. Robbins
- Dianne Hopkins
- Dennis Dresang
- Charles A. Bunge

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Public library systems in Wisconsin, 1970-1980: An evaluation

Abstract: This dissertation investigates changes in levels of library service in Wisconsin brought about by the creation of public library systems through enabling legislation in 1971. A search of the literature shows that systems have yet to be evaluated in terms of their impact on levels of community library service. Previous research attempting to quantify library evaluation is reviewed and synthesized into a methodology for this study. Levels of library service are represented by five dependent variables: circulation per capita; expenditures per capita; full time employee rate; turnover rate; and a library service index number combining the first four variables. It was hypothesized that the dependent variables would increase in the 1970-1980 decade. Statistical testing failed to reject the hypotheses for expenditures per capita, full time employee rate, and the library service index. It was further hypothesized that conditions of system administration, time of adoption of the system structure, size (number of counties), and services offered (direct circulation services; direct financial support of constituent libraries) would affect levels of library service. These hypotheses were all rejected. Levels of library service were correlated with selected socio-economic variables. A combination of percentage of urban population, gross local government revenues, and library expenditures were found to explain 66% of the variance in level of library service. Additional descriptive data are presented. Suggestions for further research are presented.

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