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Dissertation Information for Ethel Himmel

- Ethel Himmel

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (1991)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Douglas L. Zweizig
- Dianne Hopkins
- Dennis Dresang
- Charles A. Bunge

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Chief officers of state library agencies as public managers: Managing the authorizing environment

Abstract: The chief officers of ten state library agencies selected on the basis of the states' rankings on a composite scale of agency health and stability were interviewed to determine their views concerning their roles as public managers in relation to the agency's authorizing environment. The prescriptive model of the public manager as developed in Philip Heymann's The Politics of Public Management was used to differentiate perceived behaviors in relation to six areas of concern: (1) goals and strategies, (2) change, (3) relationship with the person or board to whom the manager reports, (4) interactions and relationships with related groups, (5) image, and (6) the communication of controversial decisions. Based on the explanations and examples used by Heymann and the supporting literature, each of the six areas of concern was operationalized by the researcher with three to six related topics, identified as facets. A majority of the chief officers gave responses that indicated they considered a majority of the facets in only three areas of concern: goals and strategies, interactions and relationships with related groups, and image. The model was useful in discriminating between competent and highly effective chief officers only in the area of concern related to change.

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