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Dissertation Information for Harry Elvin Broadbent III

- Harry Elvin Broadbent III

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Drexel University (USA) (1984)

- Tom Childers

- Dick Snyder
- Howard D. White
- Jon Burton
- Sister Mary Dennis Lynch
- Jacqueline Mancall

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Abstract: The thesis addresses a fundamental question of library cooperation: how, in resource sharing library networks, information about collection overlap may help the academic library manager to make decisions about a library's involvement in coordinated collection development for monographs.

To achieve the objectives of this thesis it was necessary to study a population of monographic titles, held by a group of libraries, for which circulation histories would be available. Eight libraries were selected from among the Tri-State College Library Cooperative membership. They all supported independent colleges of liberal arts and sciences. A proportionate statistical sample was drawn from among the 1978 monographic acquisitions of the libraries. For each title there were three types of variables studied: title characteristics; circulation measures; and overlap, or holdings, measures. Sources of data were the OCLC database, inspection of titles in holding libraries, and Book Review holding libraries, and Book Review Index: A Master Cumulation, 1969-1979.

There was little statistical support for hypotheses linking circulation to holdings. There was some correlation between holdings among the 8 libraries, holdings in the TCLC network, and holdings in Pennsylvania, but the 8 libraries held very few unique titles in relation to state-wide holdings. There was no difference in holdings levels by types of publishers; but by broad subject divisions, Science books were more widely held; and books reviewed in Choice were more widely held. There was a weak correlation between the number of reviews and holdings.

Despite the similarity of academic programs among the 8 institutions there was little title overlap. The findings suggest that managers of the libraries studied will find little value in coordinated collection development programs which concern themselves with duplication of monographic titles.

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