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Dissertation Information for Charles Hitt

- Charles Hitt

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (1991)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Douglas L. Zweizig
- Darlene Weingand

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: An evaluation of a bibliographic instruction course in the general education curriculum of Mankato State University: Effects of Library-Media Education 101 on library-use skills and behaviors

Abstract: This research, an evaluation of an undergraduate bibliographic instruction course, was designed to answer questions of two stakeholder groups: the faculty that included the course in the undergraduate core curriculum; and the students who may elect to take the course. With regard to the course's inclusion in the general education curriculum, the major question was: In terms of library-use skill and behaviors, do course completers demonstrate that they are better able to use library resources than do non-course completers? In regard to possible course effects on the psychosocial development of undergraduates, the principal question was: Are course completers better able to integrate library-use skills and behaviors with activities of academic, career, and personal developmental domains?

The research utilized a post test only control group design. Subjects were randomly selected from the 1990 population of entering freshmen, and then two experimental conditions were randomly assigned to the subjects. Treatment subjects enrolled in and completed Library-Media Education 101 during Fall Quarter 1990; subjects in the no-treatment group did not take the course either Fall or Winter quarters, 1990-1991. Subjects in both groups completed the same test/questionnaire during Winter quarter, 1991.

The test/questionnaire consisted of three parts: self reports of library use (augmented by data from the library's online circulation system); indicators of library-use choice, according to academic, career, and personal information-need stimuli; and responses to a 20-item multiple-choice skills test, each question of which tested competence along two major dimensions: library-use skills (locations of materials - types of library materials - organization of libraries - computer searching skills - library search strategy) and developmental domains (academic - career - personal).

The findings included: In contrast to the skills and behaviors of no-treatment subjects, treatment subjects demonstrated better library-use skill in all developmental dimensions; treatment subjects checked out more periodicals and fewer books; and with regard to career information needs, treatment subjects indicated that they would select library resources more often as a first-choice option.

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