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Dissertation Information for Jana Varlejs

- Jana Varlejs

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (1996)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Daniel O'Connor
- Douglas L. Zweizig
- Darlene Weingand
- Alan Boyd Knox
- Charles A. Bunge

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Title: Librarians' self-directed continuing professional learning

Abstract: This study explored librarians' self-directed, work-related learning, using measures based on Allen Tough's concept of learning projects. The intent was to seek baseline data on the amount of this type of professional learning in comparison with formal continuing education, and to examine relationships between self-directed learning and workplace information richness, administrative support of staff development, librarians' professional activities, and the individual's sense of autonomy as a learner. In addition, the study tested the expectation that librarians at the higher end of the continuum in self-directed learning would also be superior in professional achievement. A simplified version of a model proposed by Philip C. Candy, reflecting his constructivist approach to learning, provided the framework. Measures relied on respondents' perceptions of their situations and their recall of their learning, rather than on direct observation.

A random sample of personal members of the American Library Association, employed in libraries, was surveyed through a mailed questionnaire. The 521 usable replies constituted a 67% response. Of the 521 respondents, 400 (77%) conducted one or more self-directed, work-related learning projects requiring at least seven hours within a six-months' period. Overall, librarians spent three times as many hours on self-directed learning than on formal continuing education.

Of the variables thought to influence self-directed learning, those measuring librarians' professional activities and the size of the institutions employing them were the most salient. Administrative support, such as release time and financial assistance for professional development activities, was negatively related to self-directed learning. Those who scored high on professional achievement were not necessarily the same individuals who were most involved in self-directed learning. Seniority and achievement indicators were found to vary together, and to be related more directly to professional activity than to self-directed learning.

There was evidence that situations giving rise to learning projects need to be incorporated into the model. There were also indications that the changing work environment, where e-mail communication and team work are spawning more interactive, group learning modes, should be taken into account.

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