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Dissertation Information for Sook Lim

- Sook Lim

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) (2004)

- Louise S. Robbins

- Kristin Eschenfelder
- Ray Aldag
- Greg Downey
- Dan Bolt

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Power of Systems Offices in academic library organizations

Abstract: Systems Offices that deal with library information technologies have played an important role in academic libraries. However, not much is known about how Systems Offices are positioned within academic libraries. This study examined the present status and the influence of Systems Offices by exploring the power differences among five principal functional units. The five functional units included: Collection Development, Human Resources, Public Services, Systems Offices and Technical Services.

Based on Strategic Contingencies Theory, the study tested the following hypotheses: (1) Systems offices have more power than other units; (2) Systems offices have higher levels on each of the four contingency variables (coping with uncertainty, substitutability, centrality and criticality) than other units. And (3) Four contingency variables are good predictors of power.

A mail survey questionnaire was sent to the principal functional unit heads of each of 95 university libraries belonging to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in the US. A total of 484 surveys were sent and 235 surveys were returned, which was a 48.5% response rate.

The findings and conclusions of the study were: Systems Offices had more perceived power and influence than all but Public Services. Systems Offices had higher levels on contingencies variables than most of the other units. With respect to perceived power, although there were some variations among units, criticality was a factor affecting perceived power within most of the units and between Systems Offices and other units. Finally, criticality was a factor affecting perceived influence within and between Systems Offices and other units. This implies that Strategic Contingencies Theory was partially applicable to library settings and the modified model was useful in understanding power differences in library organizations.

The knowledge of the current status and influence of Systems Offices may help library administrations develop an appropriate strategy in using power. The study may also aid library staff to strategically enhance their power or influence within libraries. Library educators could use the study findings in developing and designing curricula and courses that reflect both the demand for critical knowledge and the importance of power within library organizations.

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