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Dissertation Information for Ray Radoslav Suput

- Ray Radoslav Suput

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1972)

- Jesse H. Shera

- Margaret Kaltenbach
- Albert Parry
- Marion C. Siney

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Title: The contribution of E.I. Shamurin to Soviet librarianship

Abstract: Evgenii Ivanovich Shamurin was one of the last great Soviet librarians whose roots stemmed from pre-revolutionary society. Although he lived a full life and worked for more than forty years as a loyal Soviet citizen, we sense that intellectually, while perhaps not alienated, Shamurin seems barely to have fitted into the Soviet conformist frame of reference. Shamurin was put to the test in the middle of 1930's when he apparently had to renounce some of his views from the previous decade. In the second half of the 1940's during Zhdanov's anti-cosmopolitan campaign, Shamurin was subjected to severe ideological criticism which led to his "retirement." Never fully retired, Shamurin continued his research. During the second half of the 1950's, he published landmark contribution to Soviet and world library literature.

Shamurin was a true library scientist. Basically a theoretician, he was constantly mindful of the Marxist-Leninist dictum that there can be no theory apart from practice. He always sought to put the results of his investigations in a theoretical and historical frame of reference, although not always in a Soviet ideological perspective.

Shamurin explored library terminology single-handed, leaving to others to follow up his pioneer work. His studies of alphabetical catalogs have been fully accepted. He fought for the establishment in Soviet librarianship of the concept of corporate author entries and the adoption of Anglo-American principles of cataloging. He dealt extensively with library classification in a monumental two-volume treatise.

The present study, though biographical in form, explores the Soviet period of Russian librarianship more than tangentially, closing with a chapter on the politicization of Russian libraries and librarians in the service of the State. A discussion of miscellaneous facets of Shamurin's work -- including his critics' views-- is appended.

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