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Dissertation Information for Thein Swe

- Thein Swe

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1981)

- Thomas Downen
- Rose Mary Magrill

- Carolyn O. Frost
- David Hessler
- Frederick H. Wagman
- John Anthony Fossum

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Abstract: The research purpose was to investigate differences in job satisfaction between bibliographers and non-bibliographers in ARL Libraries. Three hypotheses were formulated: (1) There are no significant differences in occupational needs between bibliographers and non-bibliographers in large academic libraries; (2) There will be a greater degree of congruence between occupational needs and job reinforcers for bibliographers than for other librarians; (3) As a result of this greater congruence, bibliographers will have higher job satisfaction than other librarians.

A random sample of 152 librarians, 76 of whom were bibliographers, was drawn from twenty-six libraries. Data collecting instruments were the Minnesota Job Importance Questionnaire (MIQ); the Minnesota Job Description Questionnaire (MJDQ); the Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ - short form); and a demographic data sheet. Sample characteristics analyzed were: (1) age; (2) length of service on present job, in present library, and in library profession; (3) sex; and (4) pay level. Findings indicated significant differences in relationships between occupational distribution and (a) sex, and (b) pay level .

The Wilks Lambda multivariate test of significance did not reveal significant differences in occupational needs between bibliographers and non-bibliographers.

Degrees of congruence between occupational needs and job reinforcers were computed using D('2) and Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMR) measures. t-tests showed significant differences in the PPMR-ORP degree of congruence between bibliographers and non-bibliographers. t-tests of satisfaction scores between the two librarian groups showed significant differences on the MSQ Intrinsic Satisfaction scale.

Pearson correlation coefficients showed correspondence and Intrinsic Satisfaction to be significantly correlated. Analyses of covariance, one taking job effects first, and the other taking correspondence effects first, showed correspondence differences as the cause for differences in satisfaction. Demographic variables and PPMR-ORP correspondence were then entered in a stepwise regression analysis which showed PPMR-ORP correspondence to be significantly related to Intrinsic Satisfaction.

Conclusions are that there are no significant differences in occupational needs between bibliographers and non-bibliographers; that bibliographers have a higher degree of correspondence between needs and reinforcers, and that as a result, they are more satisfied than non-bibliographers as far as Intrinsic Satisfaction is concerned based on the interactive approach to job satisfaction used in this study.

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