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Dissertation Information for Carol Ann Hughes

- Carol Ann Hughes

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1996)

- Richard Dougherty

- Karen Drabenstott
- Joseph William Janes
- Richard Paul Bagozzi
- Robert Tylore Blackburn

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Scholarly productivity: A structural equation modeling analysis with special attention to the role of the campus information environment

Abstract: This dissertation studies what relationship to faculty publication does the campus information environment have when the impact of socio-demographic, personal, and environmental factors are taken into account. Structural equation modeling is used to analyze survey data from a census of faculty taken at a major research university. A causal model based on both latent and directly measured variables was tested against a theoretical framework for faculty publishing productivity based primarily on higher education research. Standardized parameter estimates are obtained for a predictive model including fourteen other constructs related to faculty publication.

An adaptation of the Faculty at Work questionnaire developed by Robert T. Blackburn and Janet H. Lawrence was used to gather data. A section was added to the questionnaire concerning the campus information environment which was defined in terms of factors relating to the usefulness of information stores and channels, telecommunications environment, computer support and enjoyment/utility of using computers in research.

Six factors comprising the campus information environment are identified. They include: Enjoyment/Use of Technology; Access to Research Resources; Computer/Software Support; Personal Information Environment; Help from Librarians; and Telecommunications Environment. None of these factors prove to be statistically significantly related to faculty publishing productivity.

Factors which are found to be statistically significantly related to publishing productivity are: Prior Publication; Research Involvement; Submitting a Scholarly Article; Presentations on Campus; Career Grants Received; Research Reports Written; and Child Care. Both positive and negative factors are uncovered as sub-dimensions of several latent variables.

The Telecommunications Environment emerges from the information technology related factors as the strongest positive influence on publication. Help from Librarians and Access to Research Resources emerge as the strongest positive library related factors. The results from this dissertation indicate that development of services that leverage the impact of these three factors on publication may contribute significantly in the future to faculty productivity.

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