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Dissertation Information for Huahai Yang

- Huahai Yang

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (2003)

- Gary Olson

- Judith S. Olson
- Yili Liu
- George Furnas

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Support spatial awareness: Collaborative navigation in a virtual environment

Abstract: Collaboration in a collaborative virtual environment (CVE) presents many challenges as well as opportunities for interface design. For many tasks in CVE, the ability of the users to navigate to a desired location while maintaining spatial awareness of their surroundings is the prerequisite. This work proposed a problem space specification for the collaborative navigation task, characterized several important task parameters, and constructed a design space to support spatial awareness in typical CVE application domains. An experimental paradigm and a task environment were built to test several designs that aim at enhancing spatial awareness in a dyad collaborative navigation task.

In Experiment 1, three basic perspective displays: First Person, Tethered and Third Person were compared. The First Person display proved to be the best in enabling good instruction-giving, whereas the Third Person condition resulted in the best search. Three different ways of integrating these three perspective displays were tested in Experiment 2. Although These integrations did not outperform the First Person condition, the advantage of user active control of perspective was observed. These results are consistent with the theoretical analysis based on our problem space specification. Guided by the design space formulation, two machine-controlled awareness aids: Automatic View Switch and Overlay were developed and tested in Experiment 3. The results indicated that these were superior in navigation performance without reducing the spatial environment learning. Another part of the study concerns the communication process between participants. The notion that a team knowledge construct is critical for collaboration was verified within the context of the experimental setting.

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