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Dissertation Information for Marshall W. Van Alstyne

- Marshall W. Van Alstyne

- Ph.D.

- Information Systems

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) (1997)

- Erik Brynjolfsson

- None

MPACT Status: Incomplete - Inspected

Title: Managing information: Networks, value, policy, and principles

Abstract: "This dissertation presents a collection of essays on the pricing of information, the distribution and sharing of information in network organizational and the integrative effects of information technology. Considering information technology's influence on organizational structure, the first essay presents a literature review of network organizations, then provides definitions and common themes. In particular, it finds that information management--in the form of accessing, processing, generating, and distributing know-how--is essential to network organization success in dynamic environments.

The literature however, leaves unspecified a more general theory of how to measure or value information resources. Such a theory is proposed in the second essay in the specific case of procedural know-how, the information at firms and individuals might use to produce results. A formal model is presented that offers at least two advantages: its approach to value can be applied both to tangible and intangible resources, and it facilitates information transactions that improve market efficiency.

The third and fourth essays explore effects of unlimited access to limited resources. These frameworks consider an element of human-centered information management by recognizing that not all information is explicit; some is tacit and benefits from interaction to draw out the value of ideas. The latter two essays propose specific measures of information integration and formal models of agent behaviors. The models then show how individual use of information technology rather than the technology itself can lead to more or less integration. (Abstract shortened by UMI.) (Copies available exclusively from MIT Libraries, Rm. 14-0551, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307. Ph. 617-253-5668; Fax 617-253-1690.)"

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