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Dissertation Information for Cynthia L. Lopata

- Cynthia L. Lopata

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Drexel University (USA) (1993)

- Tom Childers

- Belver Griffith
- Katherine McCain
- Emily Fayen
- Sidney R. Siegel
- Richard Harold Lytle

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The cooperative implementation of information technology: A process of mutual adaptation

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to extend the knowledge of the process of implementing technological innovations in organizations. Data were collected during a longitudinal investigation of the implementation of a computer-based information management system in a three-college library consortium. Interviews and observations of participants in the implementation process were conducted at various stages in that process, and pertinent documents produced by the organization were collected.

A grounded theory approach was used to guide the collection and analysis of the data and construction of a process model. The model developed includes a typology of ways in which the technology and the organization were adapted and identifies factors which affected the adaptation processes. The implementing organization's complexity was a major influencing factor, as were the availability of resources and organizational readiness. Complexity of the technology, especially as measured by the number of component parts of the system being implemented, also affected the process. New environmental factors identified include: market demands, an expanding customer base, and internal factors.

Using events analysis, in combination with script theory, instances of adaptation were identified in the context of other organizational events and interruptions to the process. Patterns of events were identified and aggregated to form scripts for the different periods of the implementation process. The scripts created were: Pre Implementation/Pre Selection, which was characterized by internal analysis and external search activities; Pre Implementation/Post Selection, during which the focus was on adaptation of physical facilities and telecommunications; Early Implementation, with an emphasis on training and formalization of communications; Mid Implementation, during which adaptations to the technology and the organization reached high points; and Late Implementation, during which adaptations subsided.

The model resulting from this investigation provides a basis for further research on the implementation process, and the scripts provide a guide to the implementation of information technologies in organizations. The findings concerning adaptations of the technology have implications for developers of new information technologies.

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